NLP Master Practitioner Training March 01-10, 2019

“Master Your Mind, Master Your Life & Accelerate Your Growth With NLP™”


Society of NLP™ (USA)

Licensed NLP™ Master Practitioner Certification Training


Kamran Sultan – Licensed Master Trainer of NLP™ (recommended by Dr.Richard Bandler co-founder of NLP™) in his 35th Licensed NLP™ Master Practitioner course since 2001.

From Mar 01-10, 2019 in Karachi (See details below)

“I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks, I fear the man who has practiced ONE KICK 10,000 times” – Bruce Lee

This is Kamran Sultan.
You are here indicates you want to master your life and make a positive change using NLP™
Mastery in any discipline is a result of consistently applying your skill. Mastery is a level where your skills become so subtle that no one can see. (That’s right, if people praise you for your skills, you are still not good enough, because your art can be seen!)
Since 1997 I have taught NLP™ for over 34,000 hours and I have practiced it myself at least twice that time.
I have trained & coached people from all walks of life, with all kinds of backgrounds on most pressing issues.
This is the reason, when you take 1 to 1 coaching or learn from me in my classes you experience transformation at very deep levels.
When you join my NLP™ Master Practitioner courses you get insiders view on NLP™ and learn what it takes to master incredibly powerful and amazingly simple NLP™ skills & techniques to make you more effective and proficient in all areas of your life.
Learning and mastering NLP™ skills help you …
  • Master your ability to control your own mind and emotions 
  • Master your communication skills to get desired effects with others
  • Master your skills for personal & professional growth and help others grow
  • Master your life!
NLP™ is based on premise that, “If one person can do something we can find how s/he does it and teach it to whoever wants to learn it”.
This is what is called ‘Modeling’ in NLP™.
Modeling not only saves many important years of your life, (otherwise wasted in trail & error) it also accelerates your growth & learning.
You will learn NLP™ Modeling skills in this course.


What will you learn?

In this NLP™ training you will learn how to…

1). Model excellence with NLP™

Modeling is the core of NLP™.  The purpose of modeling is not to become a poor copy of someone but to be the best you can be. It speeds up learning and growth in every area of your life. In this program you will learn…NLP Master Practitioner

  • What is modeling
  • Levels of modeling
  • Behavioral modeling
  • Who to model?
  • What to observe?
  • Levels of complexity
  • Refining the model
  • Modeling methodology
  • Acquiring the model
  • Perspectives in modeling
  • Implicit and explicit modeling
  • Installing the model

2). Utilize powerful language patterns elegantly

Mastering language is the key to success. Understanding how language works, gives you immense power over to direct other peoples thinking. In this program you will learn…NLP Master Practitioner
  • Meta ModelHow meta model works
  • Meta Model III – Directed questioning
  • Identifying presuppositions
  • Milton model
  • Milton model patterns
  • Natural language presuppositions
  • Advanced language patterns
  • Simple & complex presuppositions
  • Pre-suppositional distinctions
  • Temporal language patterns
  • Representational language
  • Shifting logical level
  • Semantic density

3). Use NLP™ patterns to help others change pleasantly

  • Decision destroyer patterns
  • De-Identification pattern
  • Working with & using logical levels

4). Utilize sub-modalities patterns masterfully

Submodalities are the building blocks of your inner world. Using them with finesse makes you a master of your own brain and empowers you with ability to immensely help others. In this program you will learn…NLP Master Practitioners
  • Allergy cure process
  • Compulsion blowout
  • Phobia cure process

5). Use advanced re-framing techniques

Re-framing is a powerful way to see several other perspectives on the same issue. Mastering them empowers you to turn around any objection. This is a powerful addition to your arsenal of communication skills. In this program you will learn…
  • Subtle linguistic re-patterning 
  • Sequential phrasing
  • Sleight of mouth

6). Use advanced anchoring techniques

Anchoring is the process of utilizing and controlling emotional states within yourself as well as in others.
In this program you will learn….
  • Covert elicitation of state
  • Conversational state elicitation
  • Stage anchoring
7). Use basic to advanced time line techniques
Time lines are your brains way of encoding past, present and future events. Using time based techniques you can make lasting changes in minutes. Changing time lines can cause complete shifts in a persons behavior.
  • Elicitation & utilization of time lines
  • Programming goals using time lines
  • Shifting time lines
  • Changing personal history using timelines

8). Meta programs

Meta Programs are the processing filters of human mind. Knowing them empowers you to predict people’s behavior and motivate them. In this program you will learn…NLP Master Practitioner
  • Eliciting meta programs
  • Utilizing meta programs
  • Decision strategies meta programs
  • Motivation strategies meta programs
  • Convincer strategies meta programs

9). Understand belief & values systems

If you believe you can, you can; If you believe you can, you won’t. Your beliefs can make or break you. In this program you will learn…
  • Types of beliefs
  • Identify limiting beliefs
  • Pitfalls in identifying beliefs
  • Types of causes
  • Belief audit process
  • Belief out-frame pattern
  • Changing beliefs
  • Directionalization

VALUES are the compass that determine the direction of your life.

Knowing your values, resolving conflicts in values, and aligning your values gives your life motivation, direction and clarity. In this program you will learn…

  • Elicitation of values
  • Stages in values formation
  • Conflicts in values
  • Sources of values
  • Identifying in-congruence
  • Values change process

10). Develop exquisite calibration skills

When you pay close attention you will notice how people communicate through every pore of their being. Noticing and utilizing the subtle shifts people unconsciously make is a key skill in successful change work. In this program you will learn…
  • Paying attention to non verbal cues
  • Identifying patterns

11). Do rapid hypnotic inductions masterfully 

Hypnosis is an amplifier of response. Using NLP techniques under a hypnotic trance speeds up the process of change and accelerates learning. In this program you will learn…
  • Hand shake interrupt & other inductions
  • Utilize deep trance identification

12). Use NLP™ in coaching & counseling

Coaching is a rapidly growing field. NLP™ coaching is about not only making changes but also continuous improvement in life. In this program you will learn…Students
  • What is coaching
  • 3 Key questions in coaching
  • Defining goals for coaching session
  • Model for conversational change
  • How to conduct a personal breakthrough (coaching) session

13). Strategies of thinking

Strategies are sets and sequences of internal processes and external behaviors intended to attain particular behavioral outcomes. They are a key element in modeling. In this program you will learn…
  • Elicitation of strategy
  • Utilization of strategy
  • Changing strategies
  • Installation of strategies

How do you learn all of this?

NLP™ is an experience, you learn it by experiencing it. Through out the course you will be participating in group exercises, NLP™ processes integrating your learning and taking your NLP™ skills to deeper levels of consciousness. Your trainer will demonstrated each and every part of the program for you.

Most prestigious NLP™ Certificate:

Society of NLP™ (USA) and Dr. Richard Bandler – co-founder of NLP™ will grant your NLP™ Master Practitioner certificate.
Your certificate will be jointly signed in ink personally by Dr. Richard Bandler, John La Valle and Kamran Sultan. 
Needless to say, this is the most prestigious, internationally recognized certificate for the advanced use of NLP™ with yourself and others.

Who is a Master Practitioner?

A Master Practitioner is master of useful ways of communicating & persuading others which means s/he has the behavioral flexibility and attitudes that produce specific results with self and others.
BONUS Offer:
Many of our students start offering short courses after taking our NLP™ training. To make it easier for you we give you complete material of two of our short training programs.

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This Program is Offered ONCE a year ONLY!

Program Detail:

Dates: March 01-10, 2019 (10 days)

Time: 10 am to 8 pm each day

Venue: The First Institute of Dynamic Learning (90-A, Block 2, P.E.C.H.S, Karachi)

Investment: Rs.219,997/- (Including course material, certification & meals)

Early Registration Discount:

  • Pay by Jan 15th 2019 and SAVE Rs.30,000/– Pay just Rs.189,997/ Offer Expired
  • Pay by Jan 30th 2019 and SAVE Rs.20,000/– Pay just Rs.199,997/- Offer Expired
  • Pay by Feb 15th 2019 and SAVE Rs.10,000/ Pay just Rs.209,997/-

How to register and pay your fees?

It’s very simple and easy as there are many ways.
In Karachi, you can visit our office during any working day between 3:30 p.m to 8:30 pm fillup a registration form and pay your fees.
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