Advanced NLP™ Home Study Course

“Want to learn Advanced NLP™ Skills in the comfort of your home, at your own pace & at less than 1/2 cost of live program”


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Dear Friend, 

This is Kamran Sultan – Licensed Master trainer of NLP™.

Covid 19 happened and it brought a lot of changes – powerful changes for a lot of us and also some very positive changes.

Here’s one…

About 20 years ago, I taught my first Advanced NLP™ course. It was over 9 full days and was not possible for me to teach online. BUT due to Covid 19, I had to teach my 38th NLP™ Master Practitioner course LIVE ONLINE.

People from many parts of the world attended it.

The best news is, it was recorded in it’s entirety and now you can learn EXACTLY what my advanced NLP™ level learned and that too at your convenience, your pace and at less than 1/2 of what others paid.


You can get complete, unedited pure and advanced NLP training recording of my entire program.

Are you ready to go deeper in NLP™ as you advance your NLP™ skills to make you more effective and proficient in all areas of your life.

As you go through this Advanced NLP™ training, you will learn NLP™ skills to help you …

  • Master your ability to control your own mind and emotions 
  • Master your communication skills to get desired effects with others
  • Master your skills for personal & professional growth and help others grow
  • Master your life!

This program has 27 sessions. Total duration of program is over 80 hours. That’s over 80 hours of ADVANCED NLP™ material.

What will you learn?

Here is briefly what each session covers in this program…


First  four sessions give you a review of NLP Practitioner material and teach you advanced skills. Here is what each session contains…
Session 1: Review of NLP™ Practitioner Level material
Session 2: Mastering presuppositions of NLP™
Session 3: Advanced Calibration Skills
Session 4: Advanced Rapport – Working with energy


Linguistics is the central part of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and since mastering language is the key to success, session 5 to 11  give you deep understanding of Advanced Language Patterns used by Master Communicators and Master Hypnotists and help you advance your skills. This is what each session contains…
Session 5: Review of Milton Model & Meta Model
Session 6: Advanced Presuppositions of Language
Session 7: Advanced Skills Development Exercises
Session 8: Conversational Change Skills – Decision destroyer, deidentification & more
Session 9: More Conversational Change Skills
Session 10: Advanced Reframing – Slight of Mouth Patterns – Part 1
Session 11: Slight of Mouth Patterns – Part 2


If you believe you can, you can; If you believe you can, you won’t. Your beliefs can make or break you. In session 12 – 13, you will learn about Beliefs systems in depth, how to identify  & change beliefs conversationally.
Session 12: Belief Systems in Depth
Session 13: Belief Audit Process, Belief Out-frame


Issues of lack of motivation, lack of direction stem from issues in values. Knowing your values, resolving conflicts in values, and aligning your values gives your life motivation, direction and clarity.
In sessions 14 – 16 you will learn to work with values.
Session 14: Directionalization & Working With Values
Session 15: Value Elicitation Method 1
Session 16: Values Elicitation Method 2


These are the processing filters of human mind. Knowing them empowers you to predict people’s behavior and motivate them. In session 17 you will learn Meta Programs.
Session 17: Meta Programs – Elicitation & Utilization


NLP gives you powerful change techniques. Using them with finesse makes you a master of your own brain and empowers you with ability to immensely help others.


In session 18-19 you will discover advanced NLP patterns and more…
Session 18: Advanced NLP™ Patterns – Change Identify
Session 19: In this session you will learn 
              • Phobia Cure
              • Allergy Cure
              • Recursive SWISH
              • New Behavior Generator
              • Advanced Anchoring


Coaching is a rapidly growing field. NLP™ coaching is about not only making changes but also continuous improvement in life. In session 22-23 you will learn skills and techniques used in coaching with NLP™

Session 22: Coaching With NLP™
Session 23: Coaching Tools


Modeling is the core of NLP™. The purpose of modeling is not to become a poor copy of someone but to be the best you can be. It speeds up learning and growth in every area of your life. In session 24-27 you will learn about modeling with NLP™.

Session 24: Modeling Excellence – What it is, how to do it
Session 25: Modelling Excellence – Elicitation Process
Session 26: Modeling Excellence – Refining a model
Session 27: Deep Trance Identification – Installing a model

All of these are very comprehensive and detailed session, with many advanced skills building exercises.

How is the program structured?

This advanced NLP™ training is over 27 pre-recorded online streaming sessions.

There won’t be any additional classes.

When you sign up you will start getting access to the program. You will receive one lesson each day over 27 days. You can watch them and practice with them at your own pace.

There will be instructions to pause the video and do exercises. You will find it best to have a practice buddy to build your skills faster.

Almost every session contains Q & A sessions. You may find all of your course related questions are answered in the program.

This is not a certification program:

This program is for people who want to Advance their NLP knowledge & skills. It does not have any certification.



Upon completion of this program, you will get a certificate of completion from The First Institute of Dynamic Learning, LLC (USA)

Get Support:

This is a self paced program, but  that does not mean you are on your own and wont get any help. It means you will learn at your own pace and get support you need.

We created a WhatsApp group, in which you can ask any questions, post your experiences and ask for exercise buddy as you develop your Advanced NLP™ skills.

BONUS # 1 : Six Deep Inner Coaching Sessions (Value $600)

Once signed up, each Monday for next 6 weeks, you can attend LIVE ONLINE deep inner group coaching & mentoring sessions via zoom with Kamran Sultan. These sessions will help you integrate your NLP™ skills, get coaching on personal issues.

You will get details about sessions in your WhatsApp group.

BONUS # 2 : Two Workshop Material (Priceless) FREE

Many of our students start offering short courses after taking our NLP™ training. To make it easier for you we give you complete material of two of our short training programs.

    1. Multiply Your Income &
    2. Speed Reading Training

You will find details about these BONUSES in session 21.

How much does it cost?

If you take a Live NLP Master Practitioner course your investment will be about US$1497/- My coaching sessions cost $900 and bonus material is literally priceless. The value of this program is actually over $3000 BUT I am offering this program for just $697/-

However for a VERY LIMITED TIME you can get this program for just $597

How to register and pay your fees?

It’s very simple and easy as there are many ways.

i) You can go to our online registration site, sign up and pay via your debit/credit card and get instant access to NLP™ Home Study Video course & Hypnosis Online Course.

ii) You can transfer using online banking or ATM or visit any branch Meezan Bank Ltd., near you.

When you go for payment, WhatsApp us on +92-300-2198031, and we will send you account details.

Your payment will be made to, "The First Institute of Dynamic Learning"