Master Life Coach Certification Training

“LEARN how to do deep inner powerful life coaching & establish a successful coaching practice for yourself”

Kamran Sultan

This is Kamran Sultan.

I am a Licensed Master Trainer of NLP™ & a Life Coach.

Since I was young, my friends used to come to me to ask for advice and I loved helping them, little did I know that I will be doing that for the rest of my life.

Since 1997 I have trained and coached thousands of people from all walks of life.

I know what it takes to succeed as a coach.

The 3 secrets you must know…

Yes, there are some secrets to success as a coach. Here they are…

1. First you must develop a very solid grounding based on sound understanding of human behavior, to have unshakable confidence as a coach.

2. Second you must be willing to continually learn and hone your craft to attain excellence. If you don’t, you’ll stop growing.

3. Third you must understand & implement right business strategies to create a thriving coaching practice.

And I can teach you all of that, better than anyone else.

One of the reasons I love being a life coach is that … in addition to be a good source of respectable income, life coaching enables you to make a significant impact in people’s lives.

I can not describe the sense of achievement & deep inner satisfaction you get when you are able to see people positively transform their lives and you are a part of it.

It’s simply priceless.

Think …

  • How much making transformative change appeals to you too?
  • How strongly do you desire to be someone who makes a positive difference?
  • How much do you want to enhance you capacity to earn a respectable income?
  • How much do you value freedom to work on your own terms?
  • How important is it that you coach from Islamic perspective?

I invite you to learn key distinctions & strategies used by the best in NLP™ & life coaching in the world.

Join me in…

Master Life Coach Certification Training

Here’s more about this amazing Master Life Coach Training program…

Coaching is one of the fastest growing profession today.

With everything being online the world is open to anyone who is willing to take the necessary steps.

Even though entering coaching industry is too easy, staying in it for more than a couple of years isn’t.

These days literally anyone can call themselves ‘life coach’, which is causing a problem and creating an incredible opportunity at the same time.

Let me explain both…

You see, coaching is an art and there are many ways to do it BUT not all coaching is artful.

It’s like anyone can buy colors and draw or paint BUT not everyone can to create a master piece.

That requires something more than colors – a lot more.

Since it is ease to enter coaching industry, and it is a well paying work – many people join the field but severely lack skills to get CONSISTENT results for clients.

These people leave field, frustrated not realizing that their mistake was selecting a training based on price … instead of cost.

Price is one time financial investment you make … cost is life time credibility, self-respect, dreams, happiness and success.

That leaves a HUGE unfulfilled demand for QUALIFIED & SKILLED life coaches, who can actually get consistent results.

I can help you make the most of this opportunity, should you choose to benefit from my almost quarter of a century long experience in the field to take your life, your skills and your income to a higher level.

This is how …

I am conducting Master Life Coach Certification LIVE ONLINE training in which you will learn & develop confidence, skills & strategies to coach masterfully.

This training is divided into 3 modules.

Each module leads you to the next level.

Module # 1: Understanding & Implementing the Basics NLP™ Coaching

During this module over 8 intensive sessions you will deepen your understanding of coaching and develop most important skills you need as a master coach.

By the end of this session, you will have clarity & confidence on your abilities as a Master Coach.

Module # 2: Coaching Elegance

This module is about being more elegant and impactful as a master coach.

Over next eight sessions, you will get deep inner coaching & training to masterfully use the key strategies of masterful coaching.

You will experience the very best tools and strategies to create powerful results and lasting transformation.

There will be assignments and tasks designed to help you be more confident and work with real clients.

By the end of this module you will have your tools ready with confidence to conduct a powerful coaching session with your clients.

Module # 3: The Business of Coaching

Coaching is a business and a lucrative one but you must learn how it works if you want to be a professional life coach.

In this module you will learn how to …

  • Develop the mindset of a professional coach
  • Create your business model
  • Design your own coaching packages in 3 steps
  • Sell without selling coaching
  • Price your sessions
  • Design, market and conduct webinars
  • Apply proven marketing strategies for coaching
  • Create your own podcasts

In addition to business of coaching, you will integrate your coaching skills at even deeper level PLUS you will get my personal feedback about your coaching practice.

But that’s not all …

You will get …

BONUS # 1: Get 6 Deep Inner Group Coaching Sessions (worth $600)

It is said, “You can’t know what it is like to be in love, until you fall in love” and you can’t know what it is like transforming others until you’ve not transformed yourself first.

This is why, you can get six  Deep Inner Group (DIG) coaching sessions. (Worth US$600)

DIG coaching sessions are held for a small group on every Monday, from 7:00 pm to 9:30 pm (Pakistan time) approx.  live online via zoom.

On each of these sessions, you can bring whatever you want … be it your inspirations, your goals … your challenges at work or in your relationships … your emotional issues or your business issues … you choose and I, using my skills and almost 25 years of experience, coach you. One person at a time.

You can begin these right from next Monday after you sign up, too!

Having experienced NLP™ coaching yourself, you will know exactly what your clients feel as they get coaching from you.

You will become super confident on the process of coaching and speak with thunder as you coach others powerfully.

BONUS # 2 : New NLP Home Study Course (Worth US$497)

Since you are learning NLP™ based coaching models, it will help if you know basics of NLP™ .

To help you get started I will share with you my New NLP™ Home study course (Worth US$497/-) FREE as soon as you sign up for this program.

These is over 60 hours of pure NLP training that will get you grounded in NLP™. This is unedited program, which means you will learn what my NLP™ Practitioner students learn in my classes.

BONUS # 3 (Worth over $290)

You get instant FREE access to recordings of my online group coaching sessions called CONVERSATIONS.

These group coaching sessions cover many topics, which you can use to model your own group coaching sessions.

How will you learn?

This is a pre-recorded program which was conducted over 3 months. You can get complete recording of this program which is over 24 sessions.

Each session is about 3 hours long.

You will get 2 session every week and your training will finish in 3 months.

When you purchase you will get LIFE TIME ACCESS to the program, which means you can complete it at your own pace.

In each of these you will learn what you need to be a brilliant Master Coach who can help clients with a variety of life issues.

One of my goals in this program is to advance your coaching skills to the level which otherwise may take you a year or more and do it in a very smooth fashion.

Get Support:

This is a self paced program but that does not mean, you won’t get support. That means you will go through the program at your pace and get my continuous support as you progress through the course and beyond it too.

For this I have created a special group of my Life Coaching Students, on WhatsApp.

In that group you get direct coaching from me, on regular basis, you can post questions and ask for practice buddy as you progress through the course.

Here’s the catch:

No, I am not ready to let you join this course yet, until you do one thing.

First, realize that this is not a “get rich quick” scheme. It’s service based BUSINESS plan which requires willingness to learn and implement some very important steps.

As you know, I’ve spent half of my life in the business my credibility is involved.

In order to qualify to be one of the participants of this program, you must be willing to rigorously apply the skills & strategies, as I will teach them.

You must commit to take action and apply what you learn with me, immediately.

I have worked hard to learn these skills & I continue to hone my craft and I can’t let anyone spoil my reputation.

It does not matter if you have the money to pay for this course.

If you are not going to do what it takes, I will not allow you to join this course. Is that OK with you?

How much is this worth to you?

How much is your exponential career growth, personal success, peace of mind, higher respect worth to you? Can you put any monetary value on them?

The value of coaching skills that you will learn – although priceless – can be conservatively estimated at US$10,000

Add to this my personalized small group coaching & mentoring sessions, access to conversation sessions, and the special bonuses, you will agree that this training should cost over US$ 12,000.

However for this Master Life Coach Training program I have priced this entire course at only US$.2997/– which I am sure you realize is an INCREDIBLE offer.

BUT for now … I am offering this program for just $1497/-

Let me summarize it all…

  • You get life time access to attend 24 training sessions with me
  • You will receive six Deep Inner Group Coaching sessions that you can avail during next 3 months (Worth $600)
  • You will get instant Life time access to New NLP Home study course (Worth $497)
  • Admission to my exclusive Life Coach Group on WhatsApp.
  • Instant access to Conversation Sessions (Worth $290)

All of the above for just $1497/-

How to sign up now!

There are several options.
i) You can sign up and pay via your debit/credit card and get instant access to the program.


ii) You can pay in any branch of Meezan bank Ltd near you in Pak rupees at open market dollar rate. Please check $ rate in Pakistan on Google to calculate payment in PKR on the day you make your payment.

iii) You can transfer online or via ATM to our Meezan Bank account.

If you take either option (ii) or (iii) send a message on WhatsApp on +92300-2198031 and we will forward you account details.