New NLP™ Home Study Course

Announcing The NEW Improved Online NLP Home Study Course that costs 60% Less Than Live Classes  

Dear Reader,

You are reading this means you want to learn NLP™.

Perhaps you know that NLPis an experience, you must learn it experientially. 

When it comes to EXPERIENCING NLP there is none more experienced or qualified in NLPin Pakistan than Kamran Sultan who has accumulated over 35,000 hours of teaching NLP & hypnosis since 1997 …

Learning from such an experienced master means you GET INDEPTH KNOWLEDGE and UNDERSTANDING about NLP. Which gives you confidence as you use your NLP skills in your life.

Kamran conduced his 88th NLPPractitioner course live online from New Jersey, USA during July-August 2020 over 21 days.

Participants from Australia, Canada, Saudi Arabia, UAE and Pakistan attended this comprehensive NLPPractitioner training.  

Recording of this powerful in depth training is now available at a fraction of cost that participants of program paid.

When you join this NLP™ program, you learn the structure of personal power that you can use in your personal and professional life.

While exploding your own personal power, you develop skills and abilities to empowers others with the ability to change or eliminate un-resourceful behaviors, perform at your best, acquire emotional freedom, attain leadership, self-confidence & cooperation from others.

Perhaps you know Kamran Sultan’s NLP™ courses are the ONLY NLP™ courses in Pakistan recommended by the co-founder of NLP™ Dr. Richard Bandler and his partners.

What will you learn in this program?

This program has over 60 hours pure NLP™ content. You will learn most updated state of the art NLP™ models that reveal the hidden patterns within any communication and how to confidently respond with influence, persuasiveness, eloquence and insight.

What is covered in each session of this training?

There are 21 sessions, duration of each session is about 3 hours which means there is a lot of NLP™ that you will learn in this program. Just to give you an idea here is a brief list of topics covered …

Session # 1: Foundations

    • How you learned to read
    • What is NLP™?
    • History of NLP™
    • Levels of existence
    • Functions of your conscious mind
    • Functions of your Unconscious mind
    • 4 Core Programs Inside
    • Mind your language (what to use very carefully)

Session # 2: Solidifying foundations

    • The 5 Keys to success with NLP™
    • The 15 Empowering beliefs of NLP™
    • Sources of Life Experiences
    • What is happening at deeper levels
    • The NLP™ model for getting results
    • How to be at your best, instantly

Session # 3 : Sharpen your senses

    • Calibration – The most foundational skill in NLP™
    • What to calibrate?
    • Mind reading Vs Sensory acuity  
    • Calibrate state changes
    • Exercise to increase your visual acuity
    • Exercise to enhance your auditory acuity

Session # 4: Sharpen your senses & building rapport

    • Take your calibration skills to next level 
    • What is rapport
    • Where you can increase commonalities
    • Skills building exercise
    • The missing key to connecting with people 
    • Build your NLP™ muscles

Session # 5: Sensory Apparatus 

    • The VAKOG distinctions
    • Skills building exercises for using VAKOG
    • A powerful exercise that sky rockets your VAKOG skills in 3 steps
    • Process Vs Content 
    • Identify VAK sequences
    • Translation from one sense to other 

Session # 6: Take control of your brain

    • Eye accessing cues
    • The building blocks of experience
    • 5 powerful submodality techniques
    • 3 distinctions in submodalities
    • Eliciting submodalities

Session # 7: Beliefs – what they are, how to identify & change them

    • 3 Steps to change likes & dislikes
    • 3 types of beliefs
    • Linguistic structure of beliefs
    • How to identify & change limiting beliefs

Session # 8: Making Changes

    • The NLP™ Process of change
    • How to feel wonderful
    • How to change bad feelings instantly
    • SWISH pattern
    • How to get motivated, instantly
    • How to improve self image

Session # 9: Take control of your states

    • Anchoring
    • 5 Keys to anchoring
    • How to anchor others- step by step
    • How to elicit powerful states
    • How to set powerful anchors
    • Stacking powerful anchors
    • Collapsing anchors
    • Circle of excellence

Session # 10: Hypnosis

    • What is hypnosis
    • Waking hypnosis
    • The 3 primary requirements for hypnosis
    • The 3 conditions of deep trance
    • 9 myths about hypnosis
    • 7 keys to success in change work
    • 10 signs of trance
    • 5 types of suggestions
    • Tonal shifts
    • 5 types of suggestions
    • 3 powerful beliefs you must keep
    • That’s right exercise
    • Eye catalepsy

Session # 11: Hypnosis continues

    • 9 ways to deepen trance
    • Basic pattern of fractionation
    • Suggestion installation & compounding
    • Covert trance induction
    • 4 powerful exercises to do covert hypnosis
    • 17 powerful hypnotic language patterns

Session # 12: The hypnotic language for masterful communication

    • This whole session is about learning covert hypnotic language patterns.
    • Over 33 hypnotic language patterns with examples
    • You will understand how powerful language is and what you can do with it. 

Session # 13: The precision communication to reach heart of a matter

    • Surface Vs Deep structure
    • Distortions, Deletions & Generalizations
    • 6 kinds of distortions and how to deal with them
    • Changing beliefs – linguistically
    • 4 types of deletions
    • 2 types of generalizations
    • Important tips on using meta model
    • 3 powerful skills building exercises

Session # 14: Perspective shifting

    • Two ways to shift anyone’s perspective
    • Context reframes
    • How to create context reframes
    • Content reframes
    • How to create content reframes
    • Chunking – how it works and how to use it

Session # 15: Time Lines in NLP™

    • What are time lines
    • The two major types
    • Eliciting time lines (overtly & covertly)
    • Possibilities of changing time lines
    • Using time lines to make powerful changes
    • 9 steps in using time lines
    • Finding the Initial Sensitizing Event

Session # 16: Working with time lines in NLP™

    • What are emotions?
    • Purpose negative emotions serve
    • 4 steps to work with negative emotions
    • Release negative emotions in 3 minutes

Session # 17: Working even more with time lines in NLP™

    • Limiting Beliefs & decisions
    • How to let go of limiting beliefs & decisions using time lines
    • What are values and criteria
    • When to work around values
    • Words that express values
    • Elicit your own values

Session # 18: Setting Outcomes

    • SMART the NLP™ way
    • Using the wheel of life
    • 5 conditions of well-formed outcomes
    • Key questions to elicit an outcome
    • Session # 19: Mental Strategies 
    • What are strategies
    • Fundamental presuppositions of strategies
    • 4 conditions for structural well-formedness of strategies
    • The T-O-T-E model
    • Elements of a strategy
    • NLP™ notions for strategies
    • Syntactic symbols in strategies
    • How to elicit strategies
    • How to utilize strategies

Session # 20 : NLP™ Patterns

    • The 2 ways to do SWISH
    • Dress up your attitude
    • Visual squash to end internal conflicts
    • Changing timelines 
    • Editing events in your mind
    • New Behavior Generator

Session # 21: The Fast Phobia Cure

    • What is a phobia?
    • Common mistakes people make in phobia cure
    • The fast phobia cure technique
    • Change personal history
    • System installed
    • What is NLP™ now?


  • Why join our NLP™ home study training?
Join our online NLP™ training to add more value to every aspect of your life and enhance your effectiveness in ways that will delightfully surprise you, all in the comfort of your home PLUS you join because…
+ You learn with The most experienced Master Trainer of NLP™ who has taught NLP™ for over 34000 hours, trained thousands of people like you & has taught NLP™ practitioner courses 87 times.
+ You learn NLP™ skills, attitudes not just a bunch of techniques.
+ You get depth of knowledge & breath of NLP™ information.
+ You experience personal transformation and learn how to transform others too.
+ You learn core NLP™ principles in the light of Al Quran & Sahih Hadiths.
+ You learn practical applications of NLP™ in many areas of your life.
+ You will get complete unedited audio & video recording of each session for future review

How does the Online Training work?

As mentioned above this program is over 21 pre-recorded sessions. Each session is at least 2&1/2 to 3 hours long. Total duration is more than 60 hours.

More than 70% training is experiential with hands on exercises, online group activities, demonstrations, discussions and little lecture.

You will get access to one session every 3rd day. Since each session is jam packed with pure NLP™ information and skills building exercises, getting it in this way gives you ample time to practice and develop your skills.

You be engaged in doing NLP™ from the beginning such that most of these NLP™ skills will be ingrained in you by the end of the course.

To solidify your skills, you will get simple skills building tasks that will help you integrate your learning and take your NLP™ skills out in your world.

How can you use NLP™?

You can use NLP™ in any area of your life you choose. In this program you will learn practical applications of NLP™ in …
  1. Business (Negotiations, Sales & Marketing)
  2. Teaching, Education & Learning
  3. Training & development
  4. Therapy
  5. Personal Development
  6. Parenting
  7. Coaching

“When you wear a good perfume, you as well as people around you enjoy the benefits. Practicing NLP™ is like wearing the best perfume you can have” – Kamran Sultan 


What if you join this home study course?

Use your own imagination here because you know better, where you can use these skills in your life. Chances are like millions of people around the world you will create the life you want and transform your life and lives of many other people with your NLP™ skills. Countless people have reported that using these skills they are able to…

      • Increased earning potentials
      • More fulfilling relationships
      • Much higher creativity
      • Better physical health & higher energy
      • Increased self control
      • Enriched job satisfaction
      • Increased work efficiency
      • Ability to easily cope life’s challenges
      • Ability to motivate self and others
      • Clarity of thinking
      • A purposeful life


This is an ideal program if you are a coach, counselor, psychologist, teacher, parent who wants to integrate NLP™ skills in your personal & professional life and accelerate your results.

Is this training for those who want to train others?

This training is for people who want to acquire NLP™ skills and want to use NLP™ in making pleasant changes in their lives and help others. 
To teach NLP™ safely, legally & ethically one must be a GENUINE Licensed NLP™ Trainer, like Kamran Sultan or Sumera A.Razzaq.
Trainer’s Profile:
Kamran Sultan is an internationally recognized NLP™ expert and Pakistan’s first & only Licensed Master Trainer of NLP™, who is licensed & recommended by Dr. Richard Bandler (Co-founder Of NLP™).
As of 2021 Kamran has trained people from all walks of life in NLP™ & Hypnosis over 35,000 hours including Licensed NLP™ practitioner training 90 times and Licensed NLP™ Master Practitioner training 37 times.


Kamran’s NLP™ courses are recommended by none other than the co-founder of NLP™ Dr.Richard Bandler& his partners.


Kamran is a Strategic Intervention coach as well as a  Firewalk Instructor, Certified Instructor of Hypnosis & Country Supervisor for Jose Silva’s UltraMind training in Pakistan.


Kamran has received his own training in UK and USA from some of the best NLP™, Hypnosis & Silva UltraMind trainers including Dr.Richard Bandler (Creator of NLP™), Anthony Robbins, John LaValle, Joseph Riggio, Paul McKenna, Rich Litvin, Magali Pesha, Jo White, Julie Silverthorn, Russell Potts, Jo Cooper, Peter Seal, Alex G. Silva and several others.
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Get Support:

This is a self paced program, but  that does not mean you are on your own and won’t get any help. It means you will learn at your own pace and get support you need as you go through the program.

We created a WhatsApp group, in which you can ask any questions, post your experiences and ask for exercise buddy as you develop your Advanced NLP™ skills.

BONUS: Get 6 LIVE deep inner coaching sessions FREE (Worth $600)

Each Monday for next 6 weeks, you can attend live online group coaching & mentoring sessions via zoom with Kamran Sultan. These sessions will help you integrate your NLP™ skills. You will get details about sessions in your WhatsApp group. 



Upon successful completion of your training, you will get a “Certificate of Completion” from The First Institute of Dynamic Learning, LLC (USA).


Investment for Live Class: $1297/- 

“You will learn EXACTLY what students in live class learned. We can assure you that you could spend next many years of your life in reading NLP™ books and listen to audios, or attend other self improvement seminars, BUT you will not get even a penny’s worth of skills that you will develop in this  NLP™ training”

Join this course now … $497 ONLY



How to register and pay your fees?

i) You can go to our online registration site, sign up and pay via your debit/credit card. 

ii) You can pay in any branch of Meezan Bank Ltd near. Please check $ rate in Pakistan on Google to calculate payment in PKR on the day you make your payment. 
iii) You can transfer online or via ATM to our Meezan Bank account. If you take either option (ii) or (iii) send a message on WhatsApp on +92300-2198031 and we will forward you account details.