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“Announcing A New Amazing Opportunity To Learn The Incredibly Powerful NLP™ Skills At Your Own Pace & At Less Than 1/5th of The Investment in Live NLP™ Training”

Get NLP™ Practitioner Training Videos & Coaching Directly From Your Trainer!

Dear friend

This is Kamran Sultan – Licensed Master Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP™).

Millions of people who learn & practicNLP™ the right way, find that NLP™ empowers you to…

– Understand self & others better
– Communicate influentially & persuasively
– Build better relationships
– Feel supremely confident
– Control of your mind & emotions
– Set & achieve goals
Remove irrational fears

Having taught NLP™ & hypnosis for over 27000 hours (until recording of this program) since 1997, I have came across numerous people who want to get these benefit by learning GENUINE NLP™ but they are constrained by time, or money or inability to travel.

Many have requested for online classes.

However my schedule is such that teaching a seventy hours long NLP™ certification course online becomes almost impossible, plus it may still not suit everyone’s schedule.

So I decided to do something incredible that I had not done in many years.

I recorded my 73rd Licensed NLP™ Practitioner training for you.

This means, no matter where you are, you can learn NLP™ skills and use them in your personal and professional life PLUS you can involve your family & like-minded friends in your learning.

How incredible is that?

Realizing people may not be able to sit the whole day in front of screen, I have carefully edited these videos into smaller segments this makes every segment easier to assimilate and follow. 

Since NLP™ is experiential, you’ll need coaching and support to really integrate this knowledge such that you can also use it in your personal and professional development, and thanks to the technological developments it’s very much possible and easy now.

Let me give you bit more details how it works.

Once registered, you will get complete seven days videos, and course manual in PDF; you can download them on your computer.

These are content rich videos, with explanation, demos, and exercises for you to do. You will see & hear me demonstrate each step (overtly & covertly) just like my students in my live class.

I use simple English and Urdu as I teach throughout the course.

Course manual is in English only.

In these videos you will learn everything that my students learn in my live classes with me, at a fraction of cost they pay.

Here’s what you’ll learn day by day ( I am deliberately using some NLP™ terms in description below … you will know them well as you watch the videos ) …

DAY 1 : 
On day 1 you learn the basics of NLP™, you’ll discover functions of unconscious mind, effects of language, how to develop & sharpen your observation skills and keys to influence others.

Topics in videos include…

  • What is NLP™?
  • Historical perspective of NLP™
  • 15 Functions of the Conscious Mind
  • 18 Functions of the Unconscious Mind
  • The 5 Stages in Learning
  • Mind Your Language
  • 15 Presuppositions of NLP™
  • What “Perception is Projection”
  • Exercise on Presuppositions
  • The 3 Perceptual Positions
  • Resource Triangle Demo
  • What Controls Your State of Mind
  • How to Hone Your Observation Skills
  • What is The Pre-requisite To Influence Anyone?
  • How to Build Rapport?
  • Rapport Skills Building Exercise
  • Covert Rapport

DAY 2:  Representational Systems – the language of the brain
Having build the foundation, you are ready to take your skills to a higher level. You will develop powerful communication skills, develop flexibility in communicating with different types of people, learn to read people’s eye movements, how to run your brain, identify & quickly change limiting beliefs.

Topics in videos include…

  • Powerful Communication Skills Building Exercises
  • Discover what eye movements mean
  • Eye Accessing Cues – Explanation
  • Eye Accessing Cues – Demo
  • Eye Accessing Cues – Elicitation Exercise

How to run your brain & help others too

  • Submodalities – The Power to Run Your Brain
  • Submodality Techniques
  • How to change anything within – Mapping Across
  • How to identify a Limiting Belief
  • How to Change Any Limiting Belief in Minutes


DAY 3:
On the 3rd day you will discover how to control states of mind, how to neutralize negative feelings in minutes, as you learn…

Topics in videos include…

  • Anchoring – The Power to Control States
  • Keys to Anchoring
  • Steps to Anchoring
  • Anchoring Demo
  • Anchoring Exercise Explanation
  • Collapsing Anchors to remove negative feelings
  • Everyday Applications of Anchoring

On this day’s videos you will also learn all you need to know to hypnotize people using traditional methods.

  • What is hypnosis?
  • What is NOT hypnosis?
  • Myths & Misconceptions about hypnosis
  • How to test suggestibility levels
  • That’s right Exercise
  • Types of Hypnotic Suggestions
  • Basic Trance Induction Process
  • How to Hypnotize Others
  • Instant Induction Methods

DAY 4:

Now you will learn how to use language elegantly and become a master communicator. You will learn…

Covert Hypnotic Communication

  • The Milton Model – Hypnotic Communication
  • Over 33 Powerful Ways To Communicate Hypnotically
  • How to Master Milton Model

You will also learn the way to get to the heart of any communication be it in your personal life or professional.

  • The Meta Model
  • 15 Ways to Get to Heart of Any Communication
  • How to use Meta Model Elegantly

DAY 5:

You will learn 2 powerful ways to turn any idea around and reframe it. You will discover how different people process information in different ways and how you can communicate even more effectively with them. This is extremely powerful material.

  • 2 Ways to Re-frame Any Situation
  • Chunking Information

You will also learn some simple yet most powerful interventions to make lasting changes by understanding how time orientation effects your memories, emotions & bahavior.

  • Introduction to Time Lines
  • Eliciting Timelines Explanation
  • Timeline Elicitation Exercise
  • When to Change Time Line
  • Suggested Steps In Working With Time Line
  • Change Work Possibilities With Time Lines
  • Deleting Events from Your Mind Using Time Line
  • Going to the Root Cause of Problems
  • Re-imprinting
  • Eliminating Negative Emotions
  • Change Personal History Using Time Lines
  • Change Personal History Demo

DAY 6: 
By this day, you will have already learned how to let go of negative emotions, now you are ready to learn find your life values & set your goals PLUS help others do the same.

Topics in videos include

  • Values Elicitation
  • Re-aligning Values
  • Finding Meaning Behind Values
  • When to Use Value Elicitation
  • SMART Goals
  • Wheel of Life
  • Well-formed Outcomes
  • How to Program Your Goals

On this day you will learn how people make decisions, how you can covertly influence them to make any decision. 

  • Strategies Explanation – TOTE Model
  • Elements of Strategies
  • Strategy Elicitation & Utilization

DAY 7:
Having build the skills of an effective NLP™ practitioner you’re ready to use NLP™ Patterns & Techniques to help lots and lots of people.

On this day’s videos you will learn powerful techniques including…

  • Circle of Excellence
  • Distance Based SWISH
  • Dress up Your Attitude
  • Visual Squash
  • Changing Time Lines Orientation
  • Editing Events
  • Formal Six Steps Reframing
  • Fast Phobia Cure – how to help someone overcome a lifelong phobia in minutes.

Additionally you will receive the same course manual (in pdf) that my class students get. The manual is divided into 12 sections and is comprised of over 170 pages.

PLUS if you buy now, you will get my HYPNOSIS video course worth Rs.7997/- absolutely FREE.

On top of it all you will get three 60 minutes 1 to 1 coaching calls (worth US$.350/- each). During these calls you can ask me any NLP™  home study course related question in person through prior appointment.

I want to make sure you grasp NLP™ skills and take them to your core so that you can live a truly successful life. And I know this requires constant support that’s why after purchase you can join my “NLP™ Practice Group” on facebook and ask any question directly from me and get my help.

This is in addition to any help you may get via email.

So What Is It Worth?

Consider this…

My live Licensed NLP™ Practitioner Certification training, costs Rs.187,997/- (US$ 1,197 ) and a 1 to 1 coaching sessions with me, costs US$ 450 (Pak. Rs.70,650 approx.) per session.

The value of this program (with out my personal coaching & mentoring sessions) must be at least US$1000/- (Rs.157,000 approx.)

However, I have decided to offer this amazing program at very low price.

That’s right you can get all videos, plus the course manual (in pdf) for just US$ 347 and FOR A LIMITED TIME you can get it for just US$297

That’s NOT all.

When you decide to be certified as Licensed NLP™ Practitioner and join my live NLP™ Practitioner Certification Training within one year of your purchase, you will get 30% discount on full course fees.

So my friend, if you really want to learn NLP™ skills in the comfort of your homeat your own pace and transform your life and lives of many people GET THIS COURSE NOW.

In short, you will receive…

  • Complete video recording of my 7 days long NLP™ Practitioner Training (100% downloadable)
  • Course Manual in PDF format
  • Three 60 minutes coaching calls over Skype
  • BONUS: Hypnosis Video Course
  • Hypnosis Course Manual

All of the above for just US$297/- How amazing it that?

‘This course is Ideally suited for everyone who wants to explore NLP™ in depth at a fraction of cost before you commit to a certification course Or Review & brush up your NLP™ skills under expert guidance

How To Order Now?

It’s very simple and easy as there are many ways. You can start with this amazing program right now. Pay online using your DEBIT / CREDIT card.

Don't have a debit/credit card?

Within Pakistan, you can transfer your course fee using online banking or ATM or by visiting any branch of Meezan Bank Ltd., near you.

When you go for payment, Call or WhatsApp or sms us on +92-300-2198031, and we will send you account details.

Your payment will be made to, "The First Institute of Dynamic Learning"

Once your payment is received you will receive the links access the course.

Kamran Sultan - Licensed Master Trainer of NLP™

P.S: Do you know my NLP™ courses are recommended by Dr. Richard Bandler co-founder of NLP™ and his partners.