NLP™ Specialist Coaching And Mentoring

“I was shocked when I saw someone ‘claiming‘ to be  an ‘expert in NLP™ ‘ trembling with fear & nervousness, while speaking to a small group”

I am forced to do something for people who want to learn & master NLP & benefit from my experience!



This is Kamran Sultan – Licensed Master Trainer of NLP™ and Life Coach.

I have spent last 3 decades of my life in learning & teaching NLP™.

That includes over 34000 hours of teaching, training, coaching, mentoring & counseling with NLP™ to people like you.

If you are someone who really wants to take charge of their lives by learning NLP™ and help others with your skills, read on… you are about to get a very pleasant surprise.

Let me give you some background so you can get complete idea of what I am talking about.

Many years ago, I spoke with someone who claimed to be ‘NLP™ expert’.

He said, “I breath NLP™, I eat NLP™, I drink NLP™, I live NLP™”

I was happy to know that someone was so deep in NLP™.

But I was wrong…

Because just few months later, I met this ‘expert’  in a seminar, where he and I were invited as guest speakers.

He was presenting on ‘Power of NLP™’.

I noticed that he was trembling out of fear & nervousness AND he had no idea about what he was saying.

Since audience did not know NLP™, I don’t think the audience noticed that. They probably believed his crap.

BUT I was a shocked to the core.

Later I learned, he had no real NLP™ training or experience but he had read few books and fell in love with NLP™ and it’s possibilities.


My SHOCK DOUBLED when I saw, some people “Certified in NLP™” talking CRAP!

The worse part is, they are teaching that crap to innocent people who still don’t know 🙁

In fact there are 3 most common mistakes people make while selecting NLP™ training…

    1. Certified Vs Skilled: Many people train to get a certificate instead of skills. (More on this later)
    2. Cost Vs Price: Some people look for cheaper programs and end up paying a high price – very frustrating.
    3. Programmed Vs Practice: Unfortunately there are several unscrupulous people who promote the lame & misguiding idea that “If you attend their NLP™  training your mind will be programmed and your life will change automatically”.  That is far from truth.

Let me tell you what I tell ALL of my students in every class I teach…

NLP™ is a behavioral technology that enhances human performance at accelerated speed and Mastering NLP is like mastering ANY other skill … takes time & practice. 

I have practiced it for almost 3 decades.

When you join my NLP™ Practitioner or Master Practitioner training programs you are exposed to loads of NLP™ material over few days.

The experience is very powerful and creates massive shifts for people.

The purpose of those programs is to give you a direction to practice NLP™ however due to structure & intensive time frame of these programs, it is not possible to give ample time to practice NLP™ skills in a world that exists outside class room.

Like someone may become doctor after few years of studies BUT it takes a lot many years to become an expert.

This is why, I created practice groups for people who learn from me and want to master it. Alhamdulillah, I keep supporting my students even years after they learned NLP™ with me.

Here’s the situation…

Getting just a certificate in NLP™ at any level (including NLP™ trainer) is quite easy – you attend a few days training and you are certified BUT to get really good in NLP™ at any level is a very different story – IT TAKES TIME!

Now there are several newbie ‘certified’ in NLP™ offering various NLP™ ‘certification‘ courses and that is all they offer a ‘certificate’ in NLP™ – which is a meaningless piece of paper when the person holding it has very low or no level of skills.

Having met number of ‘certified’ NLP™ people, how HUGE the gap has become in someone  having a NLP™ certificate and being truly skilled in NLP™.

You see, Mastering NLP™ is about taking theory from a class room learning into the world of experience where life is actually happening.

So I have decided to do something amazing for a small group of people who truly want to master NLP™ skills so they can have rock solid confidence in their abilities to use it

I am offering a brand new online personal coaching and mentoring program where you will learn & actually master NLP™ skills under my direct supervision so that you can use NLP™ in any area of your life.

If you want to learn NLP™ so you can use it in your personal life, I invite you to join me in…

NLP™ Specialist Online Coaching & Mentoring Program

This is not just a ‘certification’ training program, this is almost 30 years of my life experiences that will help you take a leap forward from being just certified to being TRULY SKILLED.

Since it is my life’s experience, I can not let everyone join it. To make sure only genuine learners join this program, there is no certificate for this program.

What will you learn?

NLP™ is an experience and it is learned EXPERIENTIALLY. This program is designed to take NLP™ out of a class room in to everyday life.

That’s what you will learn… Plus you will learn how to

  • Live the principles of NLP™
  • Embody NLP™
  • Develop super sharp observation skills
  • 3 Keys to influential communication
  • Elegantly track & utilize language in a conversation
  • Use NLP™ to persuade others
  • Use & deliver covert instructions
  • Precision communication skills
  • Developing clarity in your thinking
  • Master states of your mind & body
  • PLUS a lot more

What is the structure of this program?

This is a 5 weeks long program with 10 online sessions (2 sessions per week). Duration of each session will be 90 minutes.

This means we will meet online for 1 & 1/2 hours twice a week as you develop, hone and take your NLP™ skills deeper into your psyche.

In these sessions, you will learn NLP skills and between the sessions you will have ample time to practice your skills in your life while staying in touch with me on daily basis for continuous guidance and support.

As you continue to practice, by the end of program, you will have made a massive improvement in your confidence and ability to use NLP™ masterfully in real life.

Is there a prerequisite to join?

Yes. Like all of my programs, this program is for people with an open mind, willingness to learn and desire to move up in your life. Previous experience in NLP™ is not required. A basic understanding of English language is useful but not compulsory.

Program Details:

Dates & Days:

Classes will be on Tuesdays & Saturdays according to following schedule:

      • Week 1: Mar. 17-21, 2020
      • Week 2: Mar. 24-28, 2020
      • Week 3: Mar. 31-Apr.04, 2020
      • Week 4: Apr. 07-11, 2020
      • Week 5: Apr. 14-18, 2020

Class time:  7:00 pm to 8:30 pm (Pakistan Standard Time)

All sessions will be recorded and recording will be available within couple of hours of each session. So just in case you are unable to take a live session, you will not miss anything.

Investment: US$ 497/-

Early Registration Discount: Sooner you register more you will save. 

  • When you register by Mar.10th and you will SAVE US$100 Pay Pay US$ 397/-(Rs.59,997)

How to register?

i) You can go to our online registration site, sign up and pay via your debit/credit card. To avail early registration discount, apply the discount code nlp300 before check out and fees will reduce by US$100/-.  This code is valid till Mar.10, 2020

ii) You can also pay in any branch of Meezan bank Ltd near you in PKR @ open market rate of US$ on the day you pay.

iii) You can transfer online or via ATM to our Meezan Bank account.

If you take either option (ii) or (iii) send a message saying "I want to register for NLP Specialist Coaching & Mentoring online program", on What’s app to +923002198031 and we will forward you account details.

We will send a confirmation as soon as we receive an alert from our bank of your payment.