Trans-formative Trainer

“They Thought I was Using Magic Until I Told Them The Real Secret

Several years ago, I was conducting my Charismatic Public Speaking course to a team of executives in a large organization.

The head of HR pointed out one particular person and said, “He is your challenge, he has severe fear of public speaking, let’s see if you can make him speak”.

I smiled.

On second day, toward the end of program, I took all participants out on the main road where everyone had to give a speech.

When this man spoke, they thought I had done ‘magic’ BUT all I had done was ‘re-programmed’ his unconscious. 

Everyone noticed the man had transformed. What they did not notice they were all transformed.

You see my friend, there are two kind of training programs … informative and trans-formative.

Since 1997, I have accumulated over 33,000 hours experience in doing what is called “trans-formative” training.

There is NO Magic.

There is NO Trick.

It’s simple understanding of how the human mind works and how it can be effectively programmed to produce a desired result.

In a training context that is what makes the difference between an informational training and a TRANSFORMATIONAL TRAINING.

Since 1997, I have trained thousands of people how to walk into any room full of people and speak with conviction, confidence and authority. I have had people shivering with fear of public speaking at the start of my class and in just 2 days of training they speak

Imagine yourself finishing a training program and your participants saying “Thank you, You’ve changed my life”

Trainers Training course is structured with the goal to provide you with skills to be an outstanding presenter and a talented trainer who can teach NLP at multiple levels